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Are you searching for your next great job opportunity? Everyone knows how difficult it can be to go through the job searching process on your own, so we're here to help you through it.

ESS Success is a weekly thread where we'll be giving you tips on how to best approach your job search. Whether it's about the best way to apply to a job or how to present yourself in the best light, we've got you covered!

This week, we're focusing on thank you calls and e-mails.

Watch the video below for some helpful tips!

What do you think? Do you think thanking someone for the opportunity before you are guaranteed the position will help you in securing the job? Let us know in the comments below!

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Video Transcription

Family! What is going on?

My name is Walter Virgil and this is ESS Success.

This is a really cool platform; I really enjoy it. It gives me an opportunity to be able to share some really cool job tips with you guys that I believe will really help you on your journey of being able to lock into your next great job opportunity.

Today I want to talk to you about: thank you e-mails or calls.

My main objective is all about ensuring that you’re making the best possible impression because -- I need you to get this, I need you to get this, I’m going to keep saying this until you believe it:

Every great opportunity is connected to a person that has the authority to give you access into that opportunity.
— Walter Virgil Jr

It’ll translate into every major area of your life if you really believe in it and if you apply it, okay?

Let’s just say you’ve applied, right? You’ve gotten an interview. Regardless of if it went good or didn’t go too well, you have an opportunity to be able to follow up and to be able to keep yourself in front of those people.

An e-mail is really, really cool. The e-mail should be just really you thanking them for the opportunity, you really enjoyed meeting their staff, meeting their team.

Let’s say the interview went bad:

I just want to be honest with you. I want to apologize because I didn’t feel like I had the best interview with you guys. I was really nervous, but nonetheless, I hope you guys were able to see my heart, and that I really do believe that I’m qualified to be able to do what it is you guys are looking for. I would really love an opportunity to be able to come back and possibly work for you guys. I’d really appreciate it.

If you had any further questions or concerns, you [This is a good place to put your contact information], you’re able to reach me at [contact information].

I just wanted to say thank you and wish you all the best.

- Water Virgil

It gives you an opportunity to be able to thank them, how you felt about the exchange, whatever you learned, and that you would really love the opportunity to be able to work with them and for them, and something nice at the end, okay? And leave it at that.

Or you could call in! Especially if you’ve connected with some people and you know some names. It is so important to remember names, especially of people that you’re connecting with, because you have the ability to call and just ask for a name.

Okay, I get a chance to step into this. A lot of times, when you call an office, you have two types of people: you have people that are calling in that aren’t connected to anybody in the office and they’re trying to inquire about some form of information, and then you have another group of people that are calling the office because they’re currently conducting business with someone in the office.

And a lot of times, the individual that’s picking up the phone and answering is there to connect individuals that are inquiring for information with the people that have the information, and on the flip side, they’re also there to connect people that are conducting business with someone in their organization to that actual person. So now, when you call and you’re asking for someone, there’s no way that that individual can discern who you are and what you’re looking for and the chances that they’ll connect you with that person are greater when you’re calling to actually speak to that person.

So if you know a Billy is the guy with the authority, you had a good vibe with Billy, when you call up and say, “Hey, how’s everything? My name is Walter Virgil. I just wanted to know, is Billy available? I just want an opportunity to talk to him real quick.” There’s really like a 60/40 chance that they might put you straight over to Billy. Either a voicemail or whatever the case may be.

We already did the video about the voicemails, so you should know what to do, but it’s an opportunity for you to be able to get on that phone and be able to leave him a voicemail or talk to him in person and say, “Hey, Billy. What’s going on? My name is Walter Virgil. You interviewed me last week. Man, it was an awesome experience. I learned a whole lot about you guys and it even more so really put it in my heart that I really want to work for you guys. I don't know if there’s anything that I could do, any more information that you need from me, but I would really love an opportunity to be able to work with you guys.” Or if it’s a voicemail, you can communicate the same thing and be clear to leave your contact information because you want an opportunity to be able to talk to them.

I know I kind of went on probably a little longer than I wanted to, but I believe that all of this is really imperative, as it pertains to making the right connections with the right individuals. Remember:

Every great opportunity has a person of authority that can give you access to that great opportunity.
— Walter Virgil Jr

My name is Walter Virgil, this platform right here is entitled ESS Success. So if you found the value in this content, there’s a great possibility that you got somebody that’s connected to you that will actually see the value in it as well. So do me a favor: share it with them! Re-post it.

I look forward to seeing you guys again some other time, okay?

Alright, peace.