Don't Apply Strictly Online | ESS Success Tip

Are you searching for your next great job opportunity? Everyone knows how difficult it can be to go through the job searching process on your own, so we're here to help you through it.

ESS Success is a weekly thread where we'll be giving you tips on how to best approach your job search. Whether it's about the best way to apply to a job or how to present yourself in the best light, we've got you covered.

This week, we're focusing on not applying only through online applications.

Watch the video below for some helpful tips!

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Video Transcription

Family! What is going on?

My name is Walter Virgil and this is ESS Success.

I’m going to constantly be coming to you with this thread where it gives me an opportunity to be able to share information and tips with you all that I think will really help you out if you apply them, as it pertains to your journey in seeking out employment -- your next job opportunity.

I’ve been dealing with being intentional and making the right impression. Making the right impression is everything because there’s something I’m going to continue to throw out there:

Every great opportunity is connected to someone of authority that has the ability to give you that opportunity.
— Walter Virgil Jr

So for that reason, I’m dealing all with what it is that you can be doing so show your best and for you to put your best foot forward.

I want to talk about: don’t apply strictly online.

I know it’s easy. I know it’s convenient, but it’s so easy to get lost in a bunch of e-mails, to get lost in the midst of some software system that stores applications. Because nine times out of ten, your information shows up to a department in the form of a file and somebody’s probably checking you at the end of a day and so you’re coming with a bunch of other applications that they’ve got to skim through and that may even be a headache, right? So if you’re able to apply online, and actually make your way to your local location and actually show up there and go up there and meet somebody and let them know, like:

“I’ve already applied online, but I know how easy it is for some of that stuff to get lost, so I kind of wanted to put a face to a name.”

And just kind of see what type of natural chemistry you can build with the individual of authority that’s there. That’s gonna be a whole other video: knowing who to speak to, who to really address when you come to a place is everything. You want to apprehend who is the person that has the authority to give you the opportunity. I just can’t stop saying that because that’s so golden.

So many times, I’ve observed individuals get discouraged because they got turned down by the hostess. Hahaha! I’m sorry, but that’s so real, right? You come into the restaurant -- you want to work in the restaurant business -- and you go to the lady that’s at the counter and say, “Hey, are you guys accepting applications?” And she’d say, “Y’know, right now, we’re not accepting applications, I’m sorry.” And it’s like, “Oh… Oh, okay. Uh… Yeah, thanks.” And you walk out.

No, you went at it the wrong way. She probably doesn’t know if they’re hiring or not. She’s probably only been there for about a month or two. The way you do it:

“Hey, hey, how you doing? Is there a hiring manager here on this shift?”

And if the answer is no:

“When is there typically a hiring manager? I’d just like to meet the guy, shake the guy’s hand.” And get that information because essentially that’s the person you want to talk to because you know what?

There might not be one posted, but in his mind, he probably already has plans for the next phase and the next step of the way he’s running that restaurant that the hostess might not be aware of! And he just might like you and so you know what? The reality is people open doors for people that they like I’m sorry, I wish there was some deep thing behind that, but nine times out of ten, if somebody of authority -- if they like you, they’ll find a space for you because they’re trying to build a team, they’re trying to build the morale of their team, and if they feel like you’re a good fit for their team, chances are they’ll give you an opportunity.

So don’t just be content with an online application. Make your way to a site, meet a real person, get to know a real person. Yeah, the girl at the front -- she’s important! She’s important to get to know and to build a rapport with, but she’s not the person that you’re gonna really try to make a connection with because she’s not the one that has the authority to give you access to an opportunity. You want to find that person of authority.

I kind of went off on a rant, but all of it was good. If you pick it up, you’re gonna be blessed by it.

Remember, if this content is of any value to you, chances are it’s going to be of value to somebody else that you know. So do me a favor: repost this. Share this. It’ll help a lot.

This is ESS Success, my name is Walter Virgil, this is where you’re always going to be able to find great information and great job-seeking tips, alright?

I pray you guys enjoy the rest of your day. Look forward to seeing you again.