Know the Company's Culture Ahead of Time | ESS Success Tip

Are you searching for your next great job opportunity? Everyone knows how difficult it can be to go through the job searching process on your own, so we're here to help you through it.

ESS Success is a weekly thread where we'll be giving you tips on how to best approach your job search. Whether it's about the best way to apply to a job or how to present yourself in the best light, we've got you covered!

This week, we're focusing on knowing the culture of the company you're applying for before you apply or interview.

Watch the video below for some helpful tips!

What do you think? Do you think it's important to know what a company's values and its mission is before applying? Let us know in the comments below!

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Video Transcription

Family! What in the world is going on?

My name is Walter Virgil and this is ESS Success.

I’m so excited about this thread that we have going on because it gives me an opportunity to be able to share some tips that’ll really help you in your search to connect with your next great job opportunity.

I’m really excited about this specific tip. Let me read it. It says: know the company’s culture ahead of time when when applying or interviewing.

I think this is important. There’s a concept:

Study the culture in order to impact the system.

Ha! This is a principle. You can apply it to whatever you want to apply it to. If you desire to impact the system, regardless of what type it is, you have to first study the culture. You’re not going to come in and be some wonder and flip this company upside down if you first have not observed and studied the culture because the minute that you study the culture of a company, you study the culture of an organization, you’re able to find the place where you’re relevant.

Wow, that was really good.

Whenever you’re able to study the culture of an organization, you’re able to discover the area within that organization where you’re relevant. And so for that reason, it’s going to make you that much more effective within the application and the interview because if you pay attention and you do your research on the company that you’re about to apply or interview for and you start looking at their literature, you start looking at the videos that they’re posting, you’re going to be able to see that there are certain hot words -- certain keywords, certain phrases, certain concepts that are really important to those organizations.

You’ll be able to come in contact with their mission, with their objectives, with their visions, and you can begin to embody those words, that verbiage into what you start communicating once you have an opportunity to be able to answer a question. You’re able to impute that stuff when you’re in an interview and they ask you a question. You’re able to recite that stuff and that stuff is an instant trigger, like: “Man, they get it! It feels like they’re already a part of the vision. It feels like they’re already a part of the mission. It feels like they’re already serving this purpose. Man, they’re a good fit!”

I just gave you a whole lot just now and I just hope that you grabbed some of that because if so, you’re going to nail it! I’m confident in it.

Study the culture in order to impact the system.

Guys, I hope you enjoyed yourself. This is ESS Success, my name is Walter Virgil.

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Alright, ‘til next time.