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Know the Company's Culture Ahead of Time | ESS Success Tip

If you desire to impact the system, regardless of what type it is, you have to first study the culture. You’re not going to come in and be some wonder and flip this company upside down if you first have not observed and studied the culture because the minute that you study the culture of a company, you study the culture of an organization, you’re able to find the place where you’re relevant.

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Interview Practice Run-Throughs | ESS Success Tip

I know everybody would like to think that they’re awesome interviewers, but it never hurts to get reps asking -- or answering -- tough questions. So I think it’s always really good if you know that you’re getting ready to start interviewing -- you’ve got a big interview coming up -- the best thing you can do is to get somebody to kind of ask you some tough questions as it pertains to that specific job and why you qualify for that job.

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Follow Up with Applications | ESS Success Tip

It’s so easy to press submit, right? And leave it at that, or go into an office and fill it out and hand it to them and that’s it. No, man! It’s important that you follow up with the application. Follow-through is really everything and that’s one of the main things that an employer is looking for. Are you someone that’s going to see a job all the way through? You can begin to start making that impression with how you handle your application.

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